Two of the picture book favorites I’ve chosen for this Easter focus on how and why it is celebrated while also highlighting some of the traditions honoring the resurrection of Jesus. I’m also sharing another sweet vintage favorite of mine that turns 45 this year.


“The Story of Easter” written by Aileen Fisher and illustrated by Stefano Vitale (Copyright 1997, HarperCollins Publishers) is a well-told and beautifully illustrated tribute to Easter. The text was originally published as “Easter” (Copyright 1968, Crowell Holiday Book) with illustrations by Arti Forberg. The book begins with the biblical story of Christ’s resurrection and goes on to explain the origin of some of the better-known traditions of the holiday celebration. It even includes instructions for decorating eggs and a recipe for traditional Easter-morning breakfast rolls called “Hot Cross Buns.”


“Easter at Our House” written and illustrated by P.K. Hallinan (2007, Ideals Children’s Books, A Guideposts Company) uses rhyming text paired with colorful illustrations to show the Easter traditions of Little P.K.’s family from sunrise to bedtime. The children have an egg hunting adventure that wraps up just in time for the Easter Sunday church service in the park. Following the songs, sermon, and special baptisms, the family visits a favorite restaurant for a feast and later reads the Easter story together, giving prayers of thanks before bed.


“Humbug Rabbit” written and illustrated by Lorna Balian (Copyright 1974, Abingdon Press) is a fascinating vintage picture book with illustrations revealing above and underground characters whose lives collide because of the antics of a mischievous cat and some hatching Easter eggs. This is not a typical Easter story, but it is a very original and fun book to read.  Enjoy!


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