My favorites for this month are from first-time picture book authors. When I read a picture book, I also look at the author/illustrator information that is usually located just inside the back cover. In addition to learning a little about the author/illustrator and what inspired the book, I’m always happy for any author who has experienced the success of having his or her first picture book published. I hope to celebrate at some point with my own picture book debut. Until that time comes, I’ll gladly spread the word about what these three have to offer. Enjoy!


“Perfect” written and illustrated by Max Amato (Copyright 2019, Scholastic Press) presents readers with a pink eraser and a very determined pencil who are each trying to create their own “perfect” pages. Frustration becomes friendship as their imperfections get together to reveal a new “perfect” page. Photographs and hand-drawn images were collaged in Adobe Photoshop to create the illustrations that drive this story to its perfect ending.


“Bobo and the New Baby” written and illustrated by Rebecca Minhsuan Huang (Copyright 2018, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company) is the sweet tale of Bobo the dog, who finds his happy life turned upside down by the arrival of a new baby in the house. As the baby gets all the attention, Bobo’s sadness goes unnoticed by his owners until he tries to protect the baby from a bee. Realizing that he just wants to help and means the baby no harm, they finally introduce Bobo to the baby and Bobo finds happiness again. I love the way the digital mixed media and linocut illustrations add to the expressiveness of the story.

Too Much Glue

“Too Much Glue” written by Jason Lefebvre and illustrated in Photoshop by Zac Retz (Copyright 2013, Flashlight Press) has won multiple awards and I often recommend it to parents and teachers at the library as an all-time favorite of mine. When Matty’s love of glue has him stuck to a table in art class, everyone at school tries to help him out of his sticky mess. When the final bell rings, Dad shows up to save the day while helping Matty keep his life-sized masterpiece.


  1. Linda K. Martin says:

    I finally am able to get back on my email and check out your blog! I know I could probably have gone to it another way, but just didn’t take the time to do so. I absolutely love your mini-reviews and recommendations for all these months since December 2018! If I were the parent of a young one, I would definitely check them out or purchase them to keep.
    Looking forward to the day, your picture book is published! I will buy one of those for sure!
    Thank you for all you have done to assist our church book club and me, personally, with books.


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