This month’s picture book favorites were written by authors who are local to the North Alabama area. It is a special treat for me to share the work of these gifted authors, some of whom I have come to know personally. I admire their talent and I love their books. Each of these titles can currently be found in the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library System. Enjoy!


“Maxnificent! The Polka Dot Pyrenees” written by Dianne Burch and Michael Fredrick and illustrated by Gerald Kelley (Copyright 2012, World of PawsAbilities) is the heartwarming story of a young rescue dog named Max who finds the meaning of true friendship and self-acceptance when he has to be shaved and discovers polka dots on his back. The captivating illustrations reveal six numbered paw prints that lead readers to find matching “Max Facts” in a special section that is dedicated to learning more about rescue animals like Max and his friends.

Eleanor Ann

“Eleanor Ann & The Goat Who Eats Money (Now, Isn’t That Funny!)” written by Debbi Atwood Sexton and colorfully illustrated by Tall Oak Press (Copyright 2013, Tall Oak Press) is a hilarious rhyming story about a girl named Eleanor Ann and her pet goat named Pete, whose love of eating shiny new coins lands him in tummy trouble. One gigantic burp later, and all those coins come raining down on Eleanor Ann and her friends. Pete learns his lesson, leaving Eleanor Ann so relieved that she offers the coins to her friends, who are very grateful to spend them at The Sweet Shoppe.

Bad Sheep

“Bad Sheep” written by Autumn Mott Calvert and illustrated by David Hayward (Copyright 2017, Ashman Publishing) follows a flock of friendly sheep who are playing a rhyming game about feelings that soon has everyone laughing at a joke played on them by a tricky “bad sheep.” Simple illustrations over solid backgrounds and the Open Dyslexic font style only add to the appeal of this sweet book, which was written as a tribute to the author’s autistic son, Asher.


  1. DIANNE BURCH says:

    Cindy, what a wonderful surprise!  Thank you.  I will have to check out (literally) Debbi’s book.  It looks great and I know it will be a fun read.  Hope to see you in July.   Dianne Dianne Burch World of PawsAbilitiesAuthor of Maxnificent! The Polka Dot Pyrenees  256-503-3543


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